Get much more cash for your clothes!

Do you want more cash for your clothes?  Of course you do!  How do you get it?

1.  Before coming in, wash your clothing very well and make sure it smells great and fresh.  

2.  Bring in your best items.  If you dont want to wear it then neither will our customers. 

3.  Bring in trendy styles.  We take the freshest styles and we pay top dollar for the good stuff.

It's that simple.   Bring it in and let us take a look.   If we like it, we pay cash on the spot.


summer sunglasses.jpg

Summer is a great time to swap out old styles and scratched lenses.  Isn't it great how sunglasses can change the look of an outfit from boring to amazing!  Sunglasses can be found at Runway for amazing deals.   We had a beautiful pair of Ray Bans that retail for $200 come into our store in Santa Clarita, California last week.  Runway paid the owner cash on the spot and then sold those amazing sunglasses the next day for $55!   Thats almost 75% off!  And they were like BRAND NEW glasses.   

michael kors purse pearl grey lock leather.jpg

While you are grabbing sunglasses you can also check out our awesome selection of purses.  I stopped in our St George, Utah location last week and scored a brand new Michael Kors bag for just $45.   It would have sold as a new bag for $307.99 on and $424 at Macy's!   Ya, that's amazing!  Ya, that's Runway!