Get Ready for that Summer Trip!

Summer Time!   Time for that road trip!  Lets get our friends and hit the road.   We love seeing you in our stores all across the country as you travel.   Just the other day we saw one of you from Oregon down in our St George, Utah store.  Thanks for coming in while you were on your road trip!   So, what do you bring on a road trip?   You want to take everything but you only have one suit case.   So, what to bring?

1.  Think about bringing outfits that can work with each other.   Some tops will work with three or four bottoms.   Bring tops and bottoms that mix and match!  

versatile top.jpg

2.  Think about what you are going to be doing on your trip.   Plan for each event or location.  Stopping in the forest?  Bring a jacket and some close toed shoes.   Stopping at the beach?  You will need a swim suit, towel, flip flops, and those great new sun glasses :)   Headed for a night out in Vegas?  You will need something like that sexy black dress for the ladies or the a crisp collar for the guys.


3.  Pack Smart.  Only take what you need.  Carrying around a huge bag can be a downer.   The most important part of your vacation is to close your eyes and relax.   Then take a deep breath.  Then go try something fun and new :)

Get out this summer!   Stop in and say hi if you are in the area and let us know where you come from!   Drive safe, and enjoy summer 2018!