It's more fun to own a Runway! 

Runway Fashion Exchange has been on the move.  We are growing and we want you to join us.  We are passionate about helping people take it to the next level and start their own business.  We sell quality stores to quality owners who sell quality experiences to their customers.   We can show you how!

Runway makes resale trendy and fun.   We have sharpened our skills over 500,000 hours in our stores.   We know what works and what doesn't.   We have the recipe for your store you are looking for.  Many of our owners own more than one location. Ya, read that again :)

Our stores are clean and fun.  We do things our competition doesn't to get our customers in the door.   We know what it takes.  Some of our competitors charge too much for a business. We believe we have the right mix.   Don't overpay for your business.  We can get you in a store for a great price.  We would love for you to compare our store price to our competition.

We have proprietary software with features that will give you an advantage in the industry over doing it yourself.  It is tested, a perfect fit for the industry, and saves time and money.   And, you get this for less than our competition usually charges.

Our training systems are extensive and automated.  We have a path of training that is thorough, ongoing, electronic, easy to use, and it teaches you all the details.

We get together at a secret location each year (not really that secret, but it is fun!) and meet to discuss trends, new tech, company growth, train our managers and owners, and more!   Wanna come, well ya can't.   Unless you are an owner :)

Why own a Runway?  Well, if the business makes sense to own at the price our competition is charging then imagine how much more sense it makes to have a fantastic store, a great business model.....all for a price usually lower than the competition.   That means you recoup the investment even faster.   We dont skip corners we just provide value and want you to succeed.

Wanna know more?  Ya got at least $60k in your pocket and a net worth north of $100k?   If so, and you want to own a fun business for a great price.... call us...lets go!

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